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Kurt - Captain

Born and raised in Sitka, Alaska, Kurt was introduced to life on the sea as a young child, with his dad bringing him along on commercial fishing trips throughout his youth. At 13, finally allowed to work legally, Kurt jumped at the opportunity to be a deckhand for a local charter fishing company. Young and curious, Kurt stayed with that company for 6 years, learning the ins and outs of commercial fishing, as well as being introduced to new and exciting adventures such as crab fishing. Eventually he decided to try his hand running his own commercial fishing boat, which he did for about 3 years, fishing and catching cod, halibut and black cod. He holds a 200 ton Masters Near Coastal license and has 13 years of experience working the Bering Sea. We are lucky to have him aboard for his 8th year on the M/V Sikumi where he now gets to share his lifetime of love and passion for the waters of Alaska with others.

Valerie - Steward

Valerie, the M/V Sikumi's Hostess and Steward, was born and raised on beautiful Cape Cod Massachusetts where she fell in love with the water and the way of life around it. As most teens do, she wanted to see what life was like away from what she knew, and headed for the mountains of Vermont to  attend college.  It is here where Valerie developed a passion for the outdoors. With her sense of adventure ignited, Valerie kept exploring the country, moving to New Orleans to experience the Creole life and perfect her skills in hospitality, food and wine service. Her career led her to working at not one, but two, of John Besh's award-winning restaurants.  She has been in New Orleans for 6 years now, and loves being able to change her scenery and explore Alaska for part of the year.  Valerie looks forward to offering personalized service to all those she works with and being around other outdoor adventurers such as herself.

Lauren - Deckhand

Lauren is the definition of a water baby, flocking to the ocean whenever she can.  Her love of travel and exploration has led to a life of adventure, flying the friendly skies as a flight attendant, and sailing the  seas on luxury yachts. After graduating from CSU Long Beach, Lauren headed south, using her degree in Spanish to land her as a Steward and Hostess on a scuba diving yacht charter.  The yachting life grabbed a hold of Lauren and she has spent the last six years serving on other luxury yachts, all over the world including Seattle, Alaska, Egypt and the Mediterranean, as well as Channel Islands, San Diego and the Sea of Cortez. This is our first season with Lauren on board the M/V Sikumi as our lead deckhand and we couldn't be more excited to have her share her enthusiasm and passion with others.

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