Custom Alaska Small Boat Cruises aboard the M/V Sikumi
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Custom Alaska Cruises
Alaska Small Ship Cruises aboard the M/ V Sikumi.

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Experience Alaska's breathtaking scenery and diverse wildlife while enjoying the luxury of one of our small ship cruises.

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime aboard our small cruise ship, the M/V Sikumi, as we get you up close to the best Alaska's wilderness has to offer. We cruise through the sheltered waters of Alaska's Inside Passage, where wide sea lanes are dotted with uninhabited islands, narrow straits meander through deep fjords, and quiet coves are surrounded by snow capped peaks, cascading waterfalls and spectacular tidewater glaciers. Thousands of miles of coastline and coastal waters provide endless opportunities for exploration and wildlife viewing - there are the secluded beaches, mountains, the hiking trails of several national and state parks and chances to see whales, sea lions, dolphins and bears just to name a few.

Custom Alaska Cruises are just that...

Private small ship cruises that can be customized to suit your groups different interests. Weather conditions permitting, we can take you anywhere you want to go. We will help you plan your Alaskan cruise, with a range of suggested itineraries and activities and are happy for you to have as much or as little input as you would like. Our cruises can encompass all the highlights of an Alaska cruise experience or focus on your specific interest, whether that is simply relaxing on your small ship luxury cruise or seeking out the plentiful opportunities for premium wildlife viewing.


Booking NOW for 2014


Cruise for Conservation


Custom Alaska Cruises and MV Sikumi are proud to announce our first in a series of "Donation Months". We will be selecting certain non profits, charities and conservation organizations throughout the year that we will be making donations to based on bookings. Each group will get a month, and all booking during that month will result in a donation to that organization.


During the month of November, Custom Alaska Cruises will donate 5% of any standard cruise booked for the 2014 season aboard the small luxury vessel, MV Sikumi, to Panthera, one of the leading big cat conservation organization in the world!


We, the owners of MV Sikumi, believe it it our duty to give back where we can, and through this you can feel good as well knowing your trip to Alaska helped support local or global conservation or another given charity.


In addition, passengers booking their cruise the week of June 20th-26th will be joined by Panthera’s Snow Leopard Program Director, Dr. Tom McCarthy, who will serve as a nature guide, sharing details on the region’s wildlife and landscape. Dr. McCarthy has been featured in National Geographic as well as other notable publications.


Prior to his 20-year career conserving Asia’s iconic snow leopards, Dr. McCarthy studied brown bears, black bears, and mountain goats on the islands and mainland of Alaska’s majestic southeast coast. In addition to guiding you through this incredible landscape, Dr. McCarthy will give special presentations on the snow leopard and Panthera’s conservation efforts on behalf of ‘Asia’s Mountain Ghost.’ Join Dr. McCarthy to learn about the first-ever GPS collaring study of snow leopards lead by Dr. McCarthy, which is helping to unlock the secret lives of these elusive and rarely seen wild cats and more. We realize it’s not snow leopard habitat, but it’s half way there…


If you have been thinking about a trip aboard the MV Sikumi, there is no better time than now. Know your money went to help a great cause.


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By far this is the most enjoyable trip we have taken."
We would travel with the Sikumi again. This is a huge statement for us - we usually plan our own trips. By far this is the most enjoyable trip we have taken.
Jule2012 Guest
Best family vacation Ever"
Our statement as we left the boat was: We don’t want to leave? When can we come back? We would love to do another trip with Sikumi. This was  the best family vacation ever.
J. Stroick2012 Guest
Saw all we hoped for and more"
Nancy and I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise on the Sikumi. It had just the right mix of sight seeing, fishing, kayaking and relaxation. We saw all that we had hoped to and more. Not sure how Kurt did it but he promised us brown bears one morning and sure enough there was four of them near a salmon stream and then we all saw more when he took us a few at a time in the skiff with jet motor. The same when he told us should see black bears, we were all kayaking and the Sikumi went ahead and anchored where we were going spend the night. Amy got the call that a bear was on the beach and it was still there when we arrived by kayak, then when we were back on the boat for dinner a sow and three cubs showed up. The fishing was great had a good feed of prawns that we caught, unfortunately didn't get as many crabs as hoped to. Nancy caught some rock fish which were the first fish she has ever caught.
Alan2012 Guest
We looked forward to everyday"
We enjoyed that the trip was based to experience the outdoors (versus going into ports). The combination of experiences, the national forest hiking, shoreline watching for bears, deer and sea lions, to the kayaking made the trip ideal for us. I liked that we fished - crab and shrimp pots, and fishing. We looked forward to every day.
Jeff2012 Guest
Always had everything we needed"
We felt like we were living at our own house- it was that comfortable, but we were waited on hand and foot, and always had everything we needed.
Nancy2012 Guest
Best vacation yet!"
We had a fantastic time! I have traveled the world to some very exotic destinations and I and my wife (and her parents) agree that this was the best vacation yet!
Jeff2012 Guest
Freedom to go where we needed to"
Sikumi's best feature is the mobility of the ship - freedom to go where we needed to; to avoid bad weather and get to the wildlife.
Rob & Jen2012 Guest


Custom Alaska Cruises Photo Galleries

All photos are taken by guests and crew, you get up close on a small ship cruise. Zoom lens are not always necessary


2001-2012: Highlights from Custom Alaska Cruises aboard the Sikumi

From 2001-2012

Highlights from Custom Alaska Cruises aboard the Sikumi

Admiral Meg's Flora & Fauna Gallery

Admiral Meg's
Flora & Fauna Gallery

Most liked pictures from the 2012 Custom Alaska Cruise Season

Most liked pictures from the 2012 Custom Alaska Cruise Season

Bear in the Grass on Admirality Island.

2012 Custom Alaska Small Ship Cruise Highlights

Bear in the Grass on Admirality Island.

Sawyer Glacier Calving

2012 Custom Alaska Small Ship Cruise Highlights

Sawyer Glacier Calving

2012 Custom Alaska Small Ship Cruise Highlights

2012 Custom Alaska Small Ship Cruise Highlights

Orca and Humpback Whales

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