Sikumi Boat Remodeling

Year after year we spend quite a bit of time at sea, cruising Alaska's inside passage. So after our incredible 2014 cruising schedule we scheduled the MV Sikumi for dry-dock in where we could revamp the interior and exterior of the ship.

While Custom Alaska Cruises is based out of Juneau, Alaska, we had to cruise the boat down to Seattle to dry-dock in order to remodel the Sikumi. Because Juneau is landlocked, without any major roads in or out, it is cost effective to cruise to Seattle where we could get the materials quite a bit cheaper. Otherwise, we would have to ferry or fly all materials in from the lower 48.

Here are some of the first pictures from the remodeling project:

Just in case you were wondering, it is a 5 day cruise from Juneau to Seattle without stop. Stay tuned as we will continue to post new images from remodeling the Sikumi. We'd love to hear your feedback, so feel free to comment below!