Alaska Bubble Feeding Whale Watching Excursion


If you listen to seasoned whale watchers and marine biologists during your trip to the far north, you may hear them refer to "bubble netting." While this may sound like the most ridiculous pair of stockings ever, it is actually a strategy used by Northern Pacific humpback whales to catch fish.

Many of our guests on their custom Alaskan cruises get the experience of watching these magnificent creatures bubble feed. We will explain what this means, so when you see it, you will know exactly what is happening.

Several whales work in a group. One whale dives down while the others blow bubbles in a circle around a school of herring.  Once they create the bubble net, the whales then vocalize, scaring and confusing the fish so they bunch together into a tightly compacted, easy to catch and digest, ball. Then the one below swims up and scoops up the fish.  They then repeat this, taking turns, until their bellies are full.

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