Alaska Cruise Plantlife Excursions

Alaska Cruise Plantlife Excursions

Small Ship Cruises Allow You To Get Up Close!

Incredible plantlife viewed from kayaking and hiking the Inside Passage.

Alaska Cruise Plantlife Excursions

Alaska’s plantlife is diverse and abundant. During the summer months, Alaska recieves up to 20 hours of sunshine a day along with ample rainfall, providing the perfect recipe for color and growth among the state’s beautiful flora. During our many hikes and shore excursions you will be able to view and identify hundreds of unique and unusual plants and flowers. Our accompanying guides have a natural passion and curiosity when it comes to Alaska botany and wildlife.

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Custom Alaska Cruises sails along the infamous Inside Passage on our Custom 67' yacht. The MV Sikumi

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We're different from the large cruise liners. Going on a small boat cruise is a great way to get up-close and see Alaska intimately.

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