Alaska Cruise Glacier Excursions

Alaska Cruise Glacier Excursions

Small Ship Cruises Allow You To Get Up Close!

Get up close to glaciers and watch them calving!

Alaska Inside Passage Glacier Viewing Cruise Excursions

We cruise through the ice-strewn waters that surround the faces of these glaciers, allowing for prime photo opportunities. The magnificent beauty and immensity of the Alaska glaciers are sure to have a life-long impact upon you.


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

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Explore Alaska's legendary Inside Passage in a personal intimate setting.
Alaska Cruise Excursions
We provide FREE excursions! From whale watching, glacier watching to fishing and crabbing right off the boat.
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Glacier Calving Experience

The face of a tidewater glacier can be hundreds of feet high and when large pieces calve off, the thunder echoes because of the surrounding mountains (view the video above). The icebergs crackle as they melt in the seawater. We frequently spot Alaskan harbor seals, which are known to come into the pack ice to protect their pups from predators.

Explore the waters up close, from one of our kayaks, or simply enjoy the majesty of Alaska’s glaciers on our viewing deck – snuggled in a warm blanket with a beverage of your choice (served over glacier ice, of course). A note; your Custom Alaska small ship cruise can be planned and scheduled to include as much or as little glacial exploration as you desire.

Inside Passage Glaciers

Tracy Arm & Sawyer Glacier, Inside Passage Alaska

Another favorite destination to which we cruise is Tracy Arm. The narrow fjord meanders among towering mountains and massive chunks of ice for over thirty miles. The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is an amazing view of Sawyer Glacier.

As the captain negotiates the ice flow, you’ll have an opportunity to see seals lounging on icebergs and bald eagles soaring overhead, along with a host of other wildlife you won’t see other places. A cloudy day at Tracy Arm is never a disappointment, as the overcast skies and fog they create serve only to intensify the dramatic contrast of the glacial ice and surrounding mountains.

tracy arm glacier inside passage
alaska cruise whale watching

Imagine viewing Humpback Whales as they rigorously bubble net feed by propelling their 40 to 50 foot bodies completely out of the water and then slamming back down to excite and confuse the fish they are feeding on. Right in front of you – this is a site seldom seen from traditional cruise ships; they just cannot get close enough. Of course we observe all wildlife viewing protocols, however – we can guarantee that viewing a breeching whale from a safe distance of fifty yards is still a spectacular and memorable sight that will never be forgotten.

View Alaska Whale Excursions – On your Southeast Alaska Adventure we are almost certain of seeing at least two species of whales and very likely we will observe dall porpoise and pacific white sided dolphin as well. If interested we can anchor just off a Stellar Sea Lion haul-out and view the fascinating interaction between Orca or Killer Whales and Sea Lions.

Types of icebergs

As glacial ice moves toward the sea, it will eventually break free in pieces of various sizes and fall into the water.

  • The smallest of these pieces (less than seven feet in diameter) are called brash ice.
  • Growlers are slightly larger than brash ice and produce a rumbling sound as waves wash over them.
  • The next largest pieces are called bergy bits. Bergy bits (seven to sixteen feet in diameter) are probably the most common types of ice we encounter, coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Any chunks larger than the bergy bits are called icebergs.
types of icebergs
Glacier viewing inside passage

Types of Inside Passage Glaciers

Tidewater Glaciers

The most interesting and exciting glaciers we visit are tidewater glaciers. Sometimes reaching hundreds of feet out of the water, the calving displays that these glaciers put on is unlike anything else you have ever seen.

Terminal Glaciers

Terminal glaciers can be seen up on the mountains surrounding the waters of the Inside Passage . These glaciers vary greatly in size and shape, but are all impressive to view and explore.

“Our entire group absolutely loved every moment of our cruise, right up to our departure from the boat. My wife and I were especially impressed by the many mighty glaciers surrounding Prince William Sound. Pictures just cannot convey the sheer magnitude of the tide water glaciers and the majestic beauty that makes up Alaska. We could go on and on about the fun we had while on the cruise. Again, thank you for your hospitality and be sure to pass on to the rest of the crew how impressed we were with their professionalism and enthusiasm shown towards their jobs. People make the difference and it’s obvious you’ve put together a winning team.”

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