Yakutat Alaska Travel Information

Yakutat is located among the lowlands around the Gulf of Alaska, 200 miles northwest of Juneau and 230 miles southeast of Cordova. It lies at the mouth of the Yakutat Bay and is in close proximity to The Hubbard and Malaspina Glaciers.

Translated, Yakutat means “the place where canoes rest”. Planning on harvesting sea otter pelts, Russian explorers founded the Russian-American Company and built a fort in Yakutat in 1805. After a skirmish with the native Tlingits, the post was attacked and destroyed.

Yakutat’s economy is very dependent of fishing, fish processing and government. 174 residents of Yakutat hold commercial fishing permits. Recreational fishing opportunities are world-class. There isboth saltwater and freshwater fishing in the Situk River. Most of the residents of Yakutat depend on subsistence hunting and fishing. Trout, shellfish, salmon, moose, bear, and goats are all harvested.

Yakutat is characterized by its relatively mild, frequently rainy weather. It receives some of the heaviest precipitation in the state. The community consists of approximately 800 people, at least 60% of which are natives.

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