Travel Sitka Alaska Before Cruise

Sitka, Alaska

We often start or end our cruises in the charming town of Sitka; this incredible community has a lot to offer visitors. With great food, incredible history, and outstanding people, Sitka is a great addition to your Alaskan cruise.  Sitka was once the Russian capital of the Alaskan territory, and the town’s architecture still reflects these Eastern European roots. It also has a rich Native American history, and is still highly influenced by the Tlingit culture.

Today you can enjoy a stroll along the harbor, or explore some of the cultural artifacts in the Sheldon Jackson Museum. This island town is a perfect stop to help you readjust to dry land, or get your bearings before heading out on the Sikumi. Whether you choose to spend a few days here before your cruise or linger after, you will be glad you included Sitka in your itinerary.