From its beginnings as a railroad camp to its rise to the single largest city in the state, Anchorage has always been a gateway to the last frontier. 

Anchorage is a modern city in an ancient land. Surrounded on one side by the Cook Inlet and the others by the Chugach Mountains, Anchorage is a concrete island. On a clear day, Mount McKinley (the continent’s tallest peak) is visible.

Anchorage affords many luxuries of large cities; there are many restaurants, hotels, theatres, shops, and museums. It also offers, however, chances at recreational adventure activities rarely found in metropolitan areas. All types of trips, from rafting to fishing are available for your enjoyment.

Anchorage’s climate surprises many first time visitors. It isn’t as harsh as many think. Spring arrives in late April or May in Anchorage. Summers are pleasantly warm, reaching the upper 70’s and lower 80’s. August and September are rainy seasons, followed by lots of snow in October. The longest day of the year in Anchorage is almost twenty hours long, while the shortest is just under six.

Anchorage is a great destination in Southern Alaska. It serves as a staging point for many trips and excursions. It’s diverse make-up make it a very commonplace for Alaskan tourists.

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